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by 5/10/2008 12:41:00 AM

We have recently launched our new sms text messaging features to allow you to better communicate with the members of your club.

Text messaging in a hitssports club website can be used to send messages to individual members or a group of members within your club.  You can select members who belong to a specific squad, club officials, or members selected for a specific game, or just choose your members individually.  The text message is then sent out to all the members you specify, allowing a much quicker response to any enquiries.

Text messaging can additionally be used to send out selection notifications.  When you pick your team on one of our sports club websites, a notification is sent out to all members who have been selected.  They are then requested to respond to the message they receive, simply by replying with the text YES or NO.  This reply is routed back through the website, and ensures availability is updated on the website, and captains are notified of a players confirmation.  This dramatically simplifies your selection process, you can be sure that you are going to have a full side for your match, with the minimum amount of effort involved in phoning players.  The captain can see in one place to see who has confirmed, and who he or she needs to contact (hopefully no one), your club website acts as a communication hub and saves your club captains phoning around all your players each week.

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