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Saves you time

Improve club communication

Hitssports websites contain a multitude of benefits, to fully appreciate all of the benefits to your club we suggest you take out a 30 day free trial.
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Benefits of a HitsSports website

If you've ever been a team captain you'll know just how many calls you have to make each week to ensure you have a full side come match day. This is where Hitssports comes in to it's own by centralising communication you can contact multiple members through the website.

Hitssports saves your time, and enables you to focus on winning matches!

  • Attract new members Our research has shown that for many people search for a new club on the internet. Players moving to a new area, or players from overseas can be attracted to your club through your website. A Hitssports website provides a contact form which will be emailed to an address you specifiy, allowing new players to contact you directly.
  • Reduce load on Team Captains Select your team from your admin area, and this will automatically be displayed on your website and will automatically email all who have been selected. Players can then visit your club website and confirm their availanbility by logging in and simply clicking the button that will display next to their name on the teamsheet. This will automatically send an email to the team captain, resulting in a reduced load on team captains, who only need to ring round those members who do not have access to the website.
  • Increase club awarenessOnce a match has been played, the results and a match report can be easily and simply entered into the admin area. These are then available for all to see on the website, as are up to date averages, created automatically every time you add a result to the web site. This means that everyone in the club can see how other teams are doing, or those who are away can keep up with what's going on at any time.
  • Improve club communication Our discussion board allows your club members to discuss all of the issues that surround your club. Anyone will be able to read your discussion board but only your members will be able to participate in discussions, by starting discussions and replying to existing discussions. You can also use your administration area to email club members, you can select players to mail by team, select all players or email individually selected players it's up to you, each email will be personally addressed using the details already held in the players record.
  • Boost Club revenues Your website needn't be just an expense it can actually help you make money. You can sell advertising space on your website to local businesses, you decide how many adverts you want to display and you decide how much to charge them. Other companies charge for this service, with Hitssports its a free service. You can choose rotating banners, multiple banners, or both, either way our tracking mechanism allows you to keep a note of how many "click throughs" each of you advertisers has had to their website.